A lot of people are facing this issue and many scientisthave done research on it. Life can sometimes cause us anxiety, suffering, and then a lot of loss, or even a sense of anxiety and unnecessary fear. There are plenty of opportunities to do this without your favorites.

The National Institute of Mental Health Information Resource Center recently explained this. According to what they say. Everyone gets upset sometimes. They usually pass with little time. These can cause you to have trouble taking daily activities such as sleep, food or work. Diagnosis of depression can take a few days. It may take at least 2 weeks to diagnose. This depression is not immediately discernible. There are some signs of this. Prior to that, who - published a research article.

This is an article based on the research of many people published on 30th January - 2020. Depression is a common mental disorder. Globally, more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression. It does not distinguish between male and female. And in that article more women are affected by depression than men. THIS Depression can lead to the end of life. 100% Cure Depression an effective psychological and medicinal treatments are yet to be found.

Beyond this, when we are compare India. the ICMR This is a government organization in india is published A  research paper in their portal on 23-december-2019.

That is, they were released 1 week before they were released. The title of that paper is The Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors (GBD) Study.

In this paper, we report that in 2017, 197.3 million Indians (14.3% of the total population) suffered from various mental disorders. The study also examined mental disorders from one to seven persons in India

Virendra Sehwag tweeted FOR Bollywood “actor Sushant Singh Rajput”

One of them concludes with a single line of regret that we do not know what he is facing in his life. No one can say this briefly. You can take this as a matter of fact or whatever the reason is that he is in a state of mind and that he has finished his life.

If we know this, how can we escape from it?

BOLLYWOOD ACTOR Marina said her depression was caused by some "unnecessary incident." He tweeted, “When your life becomes too much because of some unnecessary incident in your life, you choose to go into depression at that time. No one knows how badly these events are affecting your life. Sometimes we give up our courage and become very depressed and end our lives!

There are different reasons for depression in modern life. Among them is the greater involvement of man technology, Showing less engagement with people Researchers say that we are depressed without knowing ourselves for enga reasons. A small event like this has happened in my life.  When I was in college, I took the SEMESTER exam on the English exam but I thought it was the physics course and studied it. I would have appeared in the exam if it was an account or something else without the English exam on that day alone. Somehow I managed to escape the situation. If it May be maths or any other exam, i will be stressed.

Some things like this, when you read a concentration, you don't even know what's going on around you and you don't even know what time of day it is today. Follow it and you will find. As you read this, you and your HCL acid will be less secreted. If you eat three, it is even possible to reduce it twice. This will change the time you eat. If you eat 2 PM in the afternoon it is likely to increase even at 4 PM. This is happen where you work with CONCENTRATION. This is why those who practice meditation (yoga) don't eat that much. Everything in their concentrate is at some point, so they don't really get hungry. And they are just doing meditation in one place. All these are ideas for me. Because I'm not hungry to study seriously, I share this with you.

Trouble in relationships; Impatience in Tasks - For example, a woman in a family appealed to her husband, who works at the office, to leave the office at 5 pm. What would he do at that time. He does the job impatiently so that something can go wrong in his work and he leaves the place in a hurry. This causes his blood pressure to rise and he is unable to do his job properly. The only solution to this would have been for both of them to have been happy if he had taken a half-day off. If these decisions are correct, you can be happy without stress.

Today's generations looking for instant gratification and many exams or Those exams will confuse you by saying that we are asking the question wisely. Also they are out of the mood. There are many stories that tell me not to do exams because of all this. Doing all these things will increase the depression. But you may have to deal with serious problems if you choose to serve people at one time. Such questions are asked only for the purpose of how you will handle them.

It is followed by gender inequalities, the intervention of the media and social media in every aspect of life, and disruption in the traditional joint family system. If you handle it correctly, you will be 100% free from depression.

Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist Victor Frankel investigated the source of depression and found it to be meaningless in life. The results of her study suggest that if you look at the meaning of life, you can find meaning in love and work. Love is the right thing to do and to do the work that we need to do.

Sadness is only a small part of depression, and some people with depression do not feel sad. Different people have different symptoms. Some of the major symptoms of depression include:

Anxiety, hopelessness or pessimism, feelings of guilt - I may be guilty of something. These things cause mental illness.

Depression, impatience to do certain things, a hobby or a lack of interest in sports

Then slow down the work that we do, slow down and do that. Careless doing the work that you do will make you forgetfulness. They also say that the lack of confidence and difficulty in making decisions can lead to problems.

Such causes include insomnia, loss of appetite and appetite, loss of body weight, digestive problems without a clear cause, and thoughts of trying to break life or soul breakthroughs, followed by restlessness or irritability or mental health. It is possible that you are depressed by these reasons.

If we look at what we need to do to avoid this, If a problem comes up, you should take the jolly. But we should not be the cause of the problem. You must tell the solution. And it should be the perfect replacement. Those who do it willingly, he has no any type of  depression.

If someone scolds us then they are thinking the something. If we are not like this, depression will not happen to both. They will not repeat the mistake if we tell them to love it and to forgive the errors of others.

Complex situation

Whenever there is a complex situation, we bend it so that the problem can go away from us. And even with bad habits, you are likely to suffer from depression. If this depression does not occur, you should gradually reduce the habits and stop it altogether at a certain time.

Avoiding loneliness

Even if you are lonely, this type of depression is likely. So try to be as close to others as possible. If you are in a lonely situation, read books that generate positive thoughts.

Next helping others

Helping others helps you feel better. Giving to us at that time will help us and others who have received it willingly.  In this video you will know what depression is. I've said a few things about it.

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