1.Which countries are benefits from this india china border issue

2.What problem in border between india and china

3.Why we should boycott china products

4.How to retaliate to china


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then 5 important reasons for india and china border issue (it is a china big plan) video link in below description box. china's big plan https://youtu.be/BR9GmLkeBkU

From may 5 to date india has been tense on china's borders.There have also been casualties between the two country soldiers.China conceals the number of casualties in india china border issue.


only they are says more are injured As of today, china has released 10 indian soldiers and also 20 indian army persons are killed ahead of tomorrow.a lot of media not talk about what happened in this case.


one of the EX - CBI officer is speaking about this. 2 days before around 7 pm.The 50-member delegation led by Carnel Santosh Babu went to the tents set up by China to negotiate with China.The problem is exacerbated in the negotiations between the two sides. The Indian army is also said to have set fire to the Chinese tent. Perhaps these factors are likely to make the problem peak on both sides. indian army has set fire to tents. It is right or wrong tell us what you think.


14000-foot-high galawan valley region is minus degrees cold. And on either side of it will be a dangerous valley. galwan river is running this area and its temperature atmost minus degree. i think it is almost ice stage. that time chinese army sleeping inside this tent The army set fire to the tents. Perhaps this is one reason why this problem has exploded.


Prior to this, 5km from the existing site China backs its stance on the recently held military meeting between India and China. Now, suddenly, a problem like this has caused a lot of casualties China's military has attacked a rod made of nails and stones It is not known whether these weapons were used to hunt animals or to hunt the Indian Army but most of us know they are attacked indian army my this weapon upto date china was occupied indian borders around 80 square km This occured continuously.


India should have stopped this early. Most of us asking why indian army not going with gun. But 1996 agreement signed between india and china. According to agreement, both boundaries are usually 2km weapons are also prohibited. Breach means the consequences. But china is using other weapon than gun in this problem. This is condemned one.


Perhaps if china used a gun, there would probably be war between the two countries today. But so far there is no option to fight at the same time, both countries have set up military bases on the border. Fighting aircraft have been halted. Not a lot of media outlets have talked about the burning of this tent. But many of these things have been reported by the media and the general public has been battling for two days Only a handful of important media are talking about this like nd tv. i searching on internet i can not got this info. if you will see later command below only paste titile of that video.


when will we see which countries are most likely to profit in this dispute between india and china? Both usa and russia got a benefit from this. when india face any military border problems, they seek usa and russia. because they will buy army weapon from them to increase their the strength in battle. India asking proposal for army fighter aircraft tendor. Russia give the proposal to india recently for this type of fighter aircraft.


We have bought a lot from the US 1971 usa and india the war brought usa nuclear missile. At the same time, india will have a huge effect on the russian missile to help us with the nuclear missile, then both are came back with nuclear missiles and take place india won the war with usa without russia in that palce this victory is not possible to india and more details are discuessed in this video


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